Dr Milton Sales & Dr Adam Jackel

Circumcision at Newcastle Private Hospital

Brunker Road Medical Centre Operating Procedure Rooms

As of 1/11/2016, Health funds have unilaterally decided not to cover circumcision in a private hospital unless over 6 months old under a general anaesthetic


circumcision in newcastle
circumcision in Newcastle
Plastibell Ring Circumcision

Dr Sales and Dr Lindsay perform circumcisions at Brunker Road Medical Centre  (1/282 Brunker Rd Adamstown NSW). Private insurance does NOT cover this procedure as of 1/11/2016.

Dr Sales and Dr Lindsay both use the Plastibell method.


The operation is performed under local anaesthetic.

Babies need to be at least 14 days old and under 8 weeks for the procedure.

A combination of oral Paracetamol and Ordine, topical anaesthetic cream and injected lignocaine is used for pain control.

You will need to view the presentation images for the plastibell prior to attending the consultation. All babies are checked in our rooms at 1/282 Brunker Road Adamstown prior to surgery to assess suitability for operation and to look for heart murmurs. Babies with a heart murmur may need further evaluation by echocardiogram prior to surgery.

Info For Patients

Prior to seeing our Drs in consultation you will need to view all the information for patients, including the slide show for Plastibell Circumcision and pros and cons relating to the procedure. 

Info For Doctors

Information for Doctors including anaesthesia and management of postoperative bleeding.


View the videos of the procedure to observe my anaesthesia technique as well as my method of plastibell and circumplast application. Note my method of separating adhesions, initially blind then with an open approach. 


Here are 3 videos. One taken by a father in low resolution to show how settled our babies usually are. 

The others are designed for medical procedure training and show the whole process in detail for plastibell and Circumplast.

Parking at Rear of the building

circumcision in newcastle

On the day of surgery you will have a consultation with Dr Sales at

Brunker Road General Practice.

1/282 Brunker Road 

Adamstown, NSW. 2289

Ph 0249523700