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Some information for medical practitioners .

Circumcision Dr Milton Sales Newcastle Plastibell


This section discusses the effective use of lignocaine for circumcision anaesthesia

Circumcision Dr Milton Sales Newcastle Plastibell

Managing Bleeding


 I ensure the dorsal slit is not too long so the upper end of the cut is not near the coronal sulcus. I divide adhesions under direct vision to minimise trauma. I ensure the string is very tightly tied.

Surgicel is useful to settle an ooze, and combined with a pressure dressing is very effective for stopping persistent ooze.

Tinc Benz Co can be used to stop minor ooze

Early reoperation to remove the ring and suture the wound to obtain haemostasis may be required if the loss is significant. This means the nerve block may still be effective.

Circumcision Dr Milton Sales Newcastle Plastibell
Operative Video

These videos of a Plastibell and Circumplast Circumcision being perfomed under lignocaine injection, demonstrating how to insert the dorsal penile nerve block with ventral ring. It is designed as a training video.

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