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Post Operative Care

These collections of photos show the variety of healing that can occur. Infection is very tender and may be accompanied by fever. All wounds become inflamed and have some swelling and a pink look which settles after the ring separates.

Circumcision Dr Milton Sales Newcastle Plastibell

Normal Post Op Slides

This collection of images show the variety of normal postoperative progress. It is normal to have inflammation ut it should not be tender. If it is very tender it is probably infected.

Circumcision Dr Milton Sales Newcastle Plastibell

Abnormal Post Op Slides

These images show situations where you should ring Dr Sales or Dr Lindsay for advice.

Circumcision Dr Milton Sales Newcastle Plastibell

Post Op Care Instructions

The nurses will demonstrate how to apply Betadine and Vaseline to the wound, and when to give analgesia.

What you will need

Betadine Ointment, Vaseline, Infant Paracetamol, Aqium hand gel ( or similar brand )

Contact us if worried...

"If you are worried about your boys post operative wound, take a photo with your phone or camera and either email to me or send via MMS / SMS using your smart phone. You will be given my phone number at the time of surgery"

Dr Milton Sales

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